Practice Areas

Bankruptcy Law, Litigation, and Appeals

Joshi Law Group offers comprehensive representation in all matters related to bankruptcy. Whether you are seeking to file bankruptcy yourself, for your business, or you are seeking other relief from the bankruptcy court, Ms. Joshi can help you obtain the best possible results and guide you smoothly through the process. Ms. Joshi has represented individual debtors, private creditors, businesses, and other law firms in multitude of bankruptcy actions in Chapters 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy, including litigation and appeals. If you have questions regarding any aspect of bankruptcy law, then contact Joshi Law Group today.

Personal Injury and Accident Law

For clients who have been injured as a result of the negligence of another person or business, Ms. Joshi is a zealous advocate for her clients. Ms. Joshi uses her skills and personal experience to guide her clients through the process and ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

Civil Litigation and Trial Practice

Civil litigation can be highly stressful and acrimonious for any individual or business, yet sometimes litigation can be the best option for asserting your rights or resolving a disagreement. In pursuing or defending a civil litigation matter, comprehensive knowledge of the law and procedures can make or break your case. At the Joshi Law Group, our attorneys and staff have several years of experience in civil litigation that we utilize to help clients reach their legal objectives.

Business Law

California is both a difficult, yet fruitful state in which to conduct business. Even the best businesses can benefit from consulting with legal counsel to confirm legal compliance and ethical practices. Unfortunately, most businesses encounter the need for legal proceedings at some point during operation. Come talk to us about your situation and learn about your options.

Basic Financial Planning and Preparation

At Joshi Law Group we also offer basic legal representation in the area of personal financial planning. Although we do not practice in tax law, we do assist clients in preparing basic documents which ensure the best for their future and the future of their families. Joshi Law Group aids clients with:

  • The preparation of wills and trusts and estate plans,
  • Contract negotiation and review, and
  • Debt guidance

We encourage you to consider how you can best prepare for the future by ensuring your financial affairs are in order and are structured in a way that serves your best interests.